Achieve a professional finished look with some of the best materials on the market. The company is proud to offer an enormous array of stainless steel products, including steel skirting and trimming. Trims are a great way to protect and finish sheets, splashbacks, benches, and various other commercials, industrial and domestic applications.

The company offers a diverse range of trimming products in different sizes, shapes, and steel grades.In addition to this, the custom cutting services allow us to tailor materials to your project to ensure minimal wastage and a polished finish every time. The trim range includes both inside and outside corner melding as well as j-channel melding and divides melding.

Excellent Finish

Whether you are a trade, a product designer, a commercial developer or a weekend carpenter interested in doing some DIY, trimming plays an important role in the appearance of your finished product!


Nothing restricts the work of an amateur quite as obviously as unfinished edging. No matter how well the rest of your project is constructed, if there are raw edges visible, the whole thing will look shabby. Stainless Steel Trim is a simple, elegant way to finish your work professionally without detracting from the overall appearance.


Stainless trim also performs an essential functional role in terms of protecting and sealing the edges it covers. A solid material, stainless steel, will protect borders from impact and deterioration over time.


Bright, non-corrosive, and simple stainless steel is an aesthetically appealing material that will accent your project with a sleek, modern feel.


Not only is steel durable in itself, but the Stainless Steel Edge will increase the durability and longevity of your entire construction or product.

Established Suppliers

The company has strived to provide quality construction of Stainless Steel Decorative Trim at competitive prices accessible to everyone, from the multimillion-dollar project developers to the weekend DIY enthusiast.

The company is experts in stainless steel and can advise, supply, and custom cut materials for a diverse range of construction projects. Stainless steel trim is a deal for edging, joining corners of stainless steel sheet metal, or backsplash panels.

The trim is roll-formed, and there are always thousands of dividers, edge, inside, and outside edges in stock to ensure the client has it as soon as possible. It is a top-rated product for residential and commercial finishing. Why choose the company for stainless steel trim:
•Standard Same Day Processing
•Overnight Shipping Available
•One Finish Works With All Stainless Steel
•Built-in Quantity Discounts

The steel trim is a deal for edging, joining, and outside and inside corners of your stainless steel sheet metal or backsplash panels. The company offers two different trim molding strips and several finishes. It is an excellent product for any application where a high-quality, long-lasting product is required. The trim stainless steel strips are a high-end, a heavy-duty option perfect for any demanding application.

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