Shower Heads are used in the bathroom for bathing. These days, people are adopting new designs in their bathrooms. They are now installing the Shower Heads instead of the normal bathroom taps.

Do you want to know how many types of Shower Heads are available in the market? Given below are three types of Shower Heads.

Fixed Shower Faucet Heads

If you want to fix the showers on the wall, then these bathroom faucets are one of the great choices for you all. Fixed shower heads can be mounted on the divider or roof. Contingent upon your need, you can get a solitary or multi-work unit.

Handheld Shower Heads

Since the 20th century, Handheld Shower Heads are in trend. They have become a part of every bathroom. The greatest benefit of a handheld shower over its decent partner is its adaptability and convenience.

You can point the splash on any piece of your body or bring it down for a youngster or pet. Additionally, it’s extraordinary for flushing the shower region after use.

Solo Hand Shower

It is used that can work as a proper head when mounted on its slide bar or section. Then again, you can pick a blending unit (fixed/handheld), either incorporated or one next to the other.

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