A renowned company, chinahoneycombpanel.com designs honeycomb panels that are built from two face sheets and a core. However, Our honeycomb panels are produce from aluminum alloy, which is not radioactive and does not release toxic gases.

Honeycomb Core

The panel is manufacture of a composite honeycomb structure and also fabricate from exceptional alloy materials that provide a fashionable look as well as protection from air and water. The product has the maximum critical blessings to aluminium honeycomb smooth room panels is the fact that it is non-dropping.

Our range of products

Aluminum Alloy Core

The panel are compose of multi-layer foils product of aluminium. The honeycomb is fashion after the expansion.

Honeycomb Core

However, Our honeycomb is a lightweight middle fabric imparting excellent strength to weight ratio and corrosion resistance.

The panels are a light-weight and strong sandwich-kind panel inclusive of two aluminium alloy face sheets.

Similarly, Our panels are manufacture of aluminum alloy plates curler blanket with PVDF even as internal the center are the aluminium.

Honeycomb Core

Our Honeycomb Core has exclusive thickness to fulfill the client needs.

Honeycomb Core

Our panels are produce from honeycomb sandwich plate with honeycomb shape as its centre that is inspire with the aid of the natural hexagonal honeycomb.

The cores are manufacture via the expansion process and the corrugation process from composite materials such as glass-reinforced plastic.

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