Huntkey is a renowned and global provider of power strips, power suppliers, adapters and surge protectors, chargers, air purifiers, and monitors. We are dedicated to creating ground-breaking products that make people’s lives healthier and more comfortable. We believe that the best way to do this is to understand customers’ needs & requirements.
Our company is persistent in pursuing modern technologies, the highest quality values, and delivering the best user knowledge possible.

We plan, manufacture, and allocate an extensive portfolio of hand-picked products to our international clients, making their lives restored and more suitable. With operations across the globe, we significantly understand their requirements and stick to our ability to provide them with the best products & services anytime and anywhere. We have a wide range of LED Monitor which fulfill the client’s needs.

We believe the real invention is about generating, renewing, or enlightening more effective products that make life restored. To assure the clienteles of reliable and the utmost products possible from beginning to end, we are committed to lifting our excellence standards without limits.
We fulfill inrush current test, recent input test, proficiency test, standby power test, loop constancy test, component stress, active load test, cross-load test, and power dips test. Being a Monitor Manufacture, we focus on developing LED as per modern era needs.
Our labs are equipped with participating sphere and optical chambers, taking tests to the color parameters, glow parameters, and electrical limits of lighting products.

We inspect and challenge seven hazards in safety: electric shock, fire hazard, energy-related hazard, heat-related hazard, motorized hazard, radiation, and chemical hazard. Our company is focusing on quality manufacturing of LED for clients. We are here to offer innovative solutions to clients and the business industry. To know more about us, you can visit our official website today!

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